Acupuncture Therapy For Your Pets

Acupuncture is a complimentary treatment option for ongoing or recurring pain that is not under control with prescription medications. This therapy is non-invasive, and there is no recovery time for the patient. Each session will include a myofascial examination to determine the best course of treatment for the patient. Sterile acupuncture needles will then be placed in locations appropriate for the primary condition, and in trigger points found during the examination.

Dr. Ashley Mott with a cute puppy

Treatment can be performed in any position the patient finds comfortable. Most patients become relaxed during the treatment, without signs of discomfort while the needles are in place. Needles are removed anywhere from 5-30 minutes after placement. The appointment is finished with a brief massage and recheck of the myofascial examination.

It’s important that therapy is only performed by a doctor that is certified to provide the treatments. Dr. Mott is our certified Veterinary Medical Acupuncturist (cVMA). She has been trained in the different pressure points and placement angles for the therapy to be safe and effective.    

Veterinary Electro-Acupuncture

An electric current is passed between pairs of needles through an electro-stimulator. This offers a different level of pain relief because the focus is to help the life-force move freely throughout the body. This allows the patient’s body to take in all of the benefits of the treatments, which expedites healing. This is a very similar technique to traditional therapy because it works with the same points. The main difference is that several needles can be stimulated simultaneously during the electro-acupuncture therapy. This session can last approximately 30-40 minutes. 

german shepherd receiving acupuncture therapy

Therapy can treat the following conditions:

  •  Musculoskeletal and Neurological disorders: Arthritic, post-op, paralysis, tendon injuries, lameness, back pain, traumatic nerve injury
  •  Gastrointestinal disorders: Diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, IBD
  •  Genito-urinary conditions: Incontinence, irregular heat cycles
  •  Dermatological conditions: Lick granulomas, allergic dermatitis, wound healing, ear issues
  •  Other chronic conditions: Feline asthma, chronic upper respiratory infections, corneal ulcers, oral pain

We understand that you may have additional questions about traditional acupuncture vs. veterinary electro-acupuncture. There are substantial benefits for your pet with both methods and we are happy to help you and your pet along the treatment selection process. 

We offer numerous therapy packages, and we are happy to help you find one that is suited to your pet’s needs. Please give Wheatfield Animal Hospital a call at 716-693-3141 with any questions you may have, or to schedule a consultation to see if acupuncture can benefit your pet.

Our hospital also offers laser therapy as a complimentary treatment option for pain. Click Here for more information.