End of Life Care

The Loss of a Beloved Pet

The loss of a pet is like losing a part of our family. Unfortunately, our pets do not live as long as we do. If your pet has been diagnosed with a terminal condition, suffers a life threatening injury, or has deteriorated in health with age, please speak to one of our veterinarians about prognosis and treatment to give them the best quality of life.

Making the decisions involved with end of life care is one of the hardest parts of being a pet caretakers. However, the decision is often the most selfless and humane choice for your pet. Your pet’s quality of life is important for their overall well-being and happiness. We cannot explain what is happening to our pets, or why they may be experiencing discomfort or sickness.

Our compassionate veterinary team is here for you as you face these decisions. We are available to support you, answer any questions, and discuss all aspects of end of life care. We are truly dedicated to reducing any stress for you and your pet during this process and procedure. As we provide guidance and support, the decision of whether or not euthanasia is the right choice for your pet is completely up to you. 

At Creekview Veterinary Center we are determined to explore every option for your pet’s end of life care. There are many factors that determine the success rate of surgeries and other necessary procedures to save your pet. Our veterinarians will assess each patient on an individual basis, and they will be open and honest about which procedures your pet will be able to handle. Our compassionate team of veterinarians will provide their full support in any decision you make. 

If you decide that euthanasia is appropriate, we will complete the service at our facility. We will provide privacy and a stress free environment for you and your pet during the process within our hospital. If you would like, a staff member will be with you through the process to provide continuous support.

Decisions to be made afterward: 

There is no pressure for you to cremate at all. If you would like to arrange your own burial, that is completely your decision. We will place your pet into a box and send them home with you to be taken care of. 

Creekview Veterinary Center offers cremation services for your pet. You have the option of a group cremation, or a private cremation, which enables your pet’s ashes to be returned to you. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding cremation, or end of life care.

Creekview Veterinary Center also offers our clients with the option of a complimentary clay pawprint. We personalize each one with a color of your choosing, and your pet’s name. We know that your pet will be in your heart forever and we are happy to offer the pawprint as an extension of their memory. 

We understand that you may need further support after the service. There are many local support groups that assist people through their grieving period:

It’s completely normal to grieve the loss of a pet on your own time. Some people don’t begin to experience grief until a few days later, which is a natural reactionary period. Our pets play a major role in our lives, and when they move on it can be difficult for their caretakers to adjust. 
dog sleeping in a woman's arms