Veterinary Sonography

Veterinary Sonography at Creekview

Skilled sonographers capture clear pictures and videos of your pet’s internal condition, making it easier for our veterinarians to narrow down diagnoses and determine the best treatment. At Creekview Veterinary Center, we’re thrilled to offer WNY pet owners the expertise of Blanca Leal, our in-house, board-certified Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (RDMS). 

Blanca provides services of abdominal ultrasound and echocardiography through scheduled appointments here, and at Green Acres Veterinary Center. All imaging is reviewed by a veterinary radiologist or cardiologist, and reported back to your referring veterinarian. 

To take advantage of Blanca’s expertise, please call us at 716-782-7335. Referral forms may be found here

More About Blanca Leal, RDMS

In addition to her extensive human sonography expertise, Blanca has over 15 years of experience solely with veterinary patients. After working side-by-side with a boarded veterinary radiologist and a boarded veterinary cardiologist for a year, she went on to help found and serve as Lead Sonographer at Imaging 4 Pets. She spent several years as the Hospital Sonographer at Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Service in Rochester, NY before joining Buffalo Veterinary Group. With a passion for ensuring pets are as comfortable as possible throughout the imaging process, and human pediatric experience to boot, Blanca now practices at Creekview Veterinary Center and is the proud pet parent of three beautiful dogs.