Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging

Veterinary Diagnostic Services

Our veterinarians and veterinary technicians will help your pet to remain calm during the X-ray process using low-stress handling techniques for a clear and thorough diagnostic outcome. All of our radiographs (X-rays) are taken using digital radiology to produce better quality images when compared to traditional film radiographs. X-rays are extremely useful for diagnosing medical problems including tumors, foreign bodies, fractures, hip dysplasia, and arthritic changes in joints & bones. Diagnostic imaging can also be used to detect gastrointestinal problems, bladder stones, heart disease, lung disease, and other problems within specific organs.

technician looking at animal's X-ray

Benefits of Digital Equipment

  • Radiation exposure is reduced because we don’t require as many images to be taken.
  • Image development is instant, which means less time for your pet on the x-ray table.
  • Images can be directly sent to a specialist by email, which allows faster response time to your pet’s health issue.
  • After an X-ray is taken the image can be enhanced and contrasted to increase detail, eliminating the need for further X-rays.
  • Our Doctor’s have instant access to your pet’s radiographs. Images appear on a computer screen within 4 seconds. This saves critical time in an emergency situation.
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Ultrasound is a non-invasive, non-painful veterinary diagnostic method to evaluate your pet with easy preparation of simply shaving the fur. The ultrasound procedure is performed without anesthesia, sedation, withholding food, or withholding water in preparation for the test. Ultrasound is an effective tool to assess the heart, major blood vessels, liver, spleen, urinary bladder, and other organ systems. Ultrasound can also be used during a pet’s pregnancy to determine the health status of the babies.

If necessary after the appointment, our doctors will provide a report to your regular veterinarian with the details of the diagnostic report. The report helps them to compare the findings with your pet’s health history, and current condition to manage their care moving forward.

Ultrasound diagnostics are available at our location by appointment only.

veterinarians performing ultrasound on an orange cat